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When people watch porn, most would rather have High Definition material that is amazing to watch. It is unlikely that someone would consciously choose to have low quality porn when there is another option. For many porn site, the label HD is simply slapped onto the site while the content remains far from the concept of true HD material. 

Is HD Love another suchlike site? Do they do something different that makes them worthy of wearing the HD badge of honor? Let’s find out, after all, just because they say it doesn’t mean that they have it

This spanking new site does not lie when they say that they have HD material. When you stream or download the content, you will have full screen, clear, colorful images that will transport you to a new plane of sexual eroticism. It is not only the quality of the material that is superb, the production and camera work that goes into making the material is also exceptional. 

Many of you are looking at the word “love” (from the site’s title, HD Love) and thinking, “Oh here we go again! another soft core site with mild sex scenes”. You could not be further from the truth. According to the site’s mantra, they say they have the best quality erotica action online.

You can also expect some hardcore sexing inside with nothing looking soft core or amateurish. There are videos that show big buxom gals being sexed to wild ecstasy by big shlong studs. There is a lot of sucking, lesbian, blowjob, orgies, and many more hardcore niches that definitely make this site a hard-hitting hardcore site. 

The gals who appear inside with their sexy lingerie, magnificent asses, and succulent tits are very alluring. So now that we have appeased your worries about the site having hardcore HD material, let’s look at some cons.

HD Love has 33+ videos and 33+ High Res photo sets (with a set having 400 pictures). Many people will have an issue with the small number of material offered. The site updates one scene every two weeks, which will be another bone of contention with a lot of viewers. And even though the scenes take thirty minutes and you have .zip file for photo downloads, streaming and downloading options, many people will not be satisfied with the snail like pace the site updates new stuff. 

The site has a winning formula in the HD material and the mesmerizing hardcore sex scenes, but they need to pull up their socks in the area of updates and amount of material in their galleries. Do we recommend you join this site? For this particular occasion, we will defer the decision to you, since we can’t (in good consciousness) tell you to join HD Love with so little material available.