ZTOD Discount

ZTOD Discount

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Are you ready to completely blow your mind? If so, then take a look at ZTOD, the clarity of movie and graphics will completely blow your mind.

From the moment you hit the homepage you realize you are in what I’d call the zone of perfection.

Zero Tolerance

ZTOD, in case you did not know stands for zero tolerance on demand. That means that this outfit seeks only 100% clear video and photography so that your pleasure is never interrupted.

Clarity Never Before Experienced.

The cum shot on the slider bar preview header, shows a secretary licking up her boss’s cum as he blows his load all over her face. You can see every glint of cum on her full lips, ever sweaty hair on her brow, her cheeks glisten with his load and it is so clear it could be your load, right?

The site is now 12 years old and have proven they mean what they say and that is the basic premise of fine porn and fine hardcore fucking. One wonders who the quality control guy is and if there is another job available there!

There is a good genre coverage including hot topics such as ‘Banging the Boss’, ‘Don’t Tell My Husband’, ‘Back Door Entry’ and ‘No Limits Fucking’. There are too many to mention, so the best advice I can give you, is take a look at the genre listing for yourself. The girls are amazing and the ZTOD discount has made sure that there are plenty deals and girls of different body shapes, tit sizes and pussy varieties to keep you riveted to your computer for life!

Smooth Navigation and Hot Massive Content

ZTOD has over 2,600 porn stars on their books, which goes to show that they are admired within the industry itself, 7000+ exclusive scenes, 1, 100 movies, 869 000 photographs and a smooth site that is easy to navigate around.

Downloads are unlimited and ZTOD offer different formats and sizes to enable you to watch their movies without hassle. These include, Windows Viewer, AVI, Flash and MP4.

The actual scenes are shot so beautifully. If you want to watch a horny chick pumping a hot dick from the floor up you get that, if you want to watch a down angle on gaping anal you also get that, POV is rampant here and above all POV is the winner all the way.