Bulk Food Stores Save You Money

Today I went into a bulk food store and purchased a load of goodies. Scrumptious. One of the items I bought was cheese doodles. The cost of the bulk cheese doodles was 2 to 3 times less than a name brand cheese doodle and that was fantastic. I like cheese doodles and at times buy them. russian food store

Since my cheese doodles were purchased in bulk I took a scoop and put them into a plastic bag. Here’s were you could spend more money that if you purchased a brand name cheese doodle. I scooped up near twice the amount I would ordinarily purchase thinking I was getting a real deal. Now what if I eat all the cheese doodles in one sitting two things would happen one is I didn’t truly save money on my treats and my weight would go up.

So in my dilemma I decided to take my treats when I got home and then I sort out them into zip lock bags. To my surprise I had now 5 nicely sized bags. I thought great since I work and take my luncheon and snacks now I have a snack for each day of the week. Now that’s thinking and saving money on my snacks. The problem with bulk food is that if you purchase a bag of goodies you could start munching on them and they are gone in no time but you will see it on your waist.

Some bulk food tips:

1) Only purchase what you need.
2) Watch for specials within the bulk food store on items you will use.
3) Try to purchase fast moving items since if it is a slow moving item it could go old.
4) Purchase dryed herbs since it is less expensive than buying herbs at a food market store
5) Know your prices since you want to save money by purchasing bulk and it is possible that an item may be less in a grocery store
6) Look for sales or coupons for the bulk food store you shop at to save even more money
7) Repackage your items if you purchased more goodies than you could use in a couple of days.