Health Effects Of Smoking – For People Wanting To Quit Smoking

Awful health effects of smoking are for the most part are always addressed whenever an article is written concerning facts about smoking. They emphasize that the smoke in cigarette contains poisonous nicotine drug and many other unsafe substances which are damaging to the lungs. The dreadful and scary statistics about death as a result of cigarette smoking is never missed to be included in these articles and reports to sway people away from smoking.

Yet smokers continue on inhaling this drug making it difficult for people who don’t smoke to comprehend why. Well, besides being addicted to nicotine, people smoke tobacco to help calm themselves in dealing with difficult situations in their lives, such as peer pressure both for kids and adults, as their need to belong to group, and be perceived as cool and tough guy or gal; to name a few. cbd öl 50

People can quit smoking however. Ever heard of people saying they quit “cold turkey”? They just stop lighting those cigarettes by becoming very strongly motivated to quit. Knowing the dangers of the effect of smoking was never enough for them though; its their extreme desire to stay away from smoking that make them successful. People that doesn’t want to quit will completely ignore the health effects of smoking but for those who want to stop, it can help them motivate even more.

Cancer as number 1 health effects of smoking

1. Lung cancer: This is always and have to be listed number 1 on any list of known health effects of smoking. After all the smoke containing nicotine and other deadly substances stay in the lungs before it is exhaled. Significant amount of these substances remain in the lungs and cause cancer in the long run.

2. Oral cancer, throat and esophagus: Cigarette smoke naturally passes through these body parts during the process of smoking therefore they directly affected by the deadly substances in the smoke. After years of smoking cancer can hit these parts even at a young age but often people at age 40 are affected.

3. Stomach and colon cancer, cancers of the cervix, pancreas, bladder, and kidneys. These are body organs that are not directly in contact with the poisonous smoke from cigarettes. But over many years of smoking the toxin buildup in the body helps restrict the flow of oxygen throughout these organs causing the cancer decease.

Other health effects of smoking

1. Smoking can affect the reproductive organs of men and women causing problems on fertility. Substances from cigarette smoke are also known to have caused major effect on sexual organs resulting to male dysfunction; such as erectile and less pleasure during sex.

2. Cigarette smoke can affect the health of unborn babies. Affected fetuses during pregnancy is known to be born smaller with immune system being weaker than normal babies. Substances from smoke inhalation is carried throughout the mothers body including breast milk for their babies.