How to Make a Website Like MySpace – Successful Tips on Building a Community Website

MySpace was one of the first successful community sites that are still around today. Many were able to become successful by using the popular community website. Local bands were being found and signing record deals, individuals were able to become online celebrities and companies were able to establish an online brand through social networking. Now you too can run your very own popular community website. I’ll show you some top notch software that will show you how to make a website like MySpace.

Selecting the Right Community Software

Before you choose your community software, you will need to identify your goals and objectives for your community website. Will you allow profiles, video and image uploads, message boards, groups and classifieds? Once you select the items you want in a community site then you will have a better understanding in what community software you will want.

When making a website like MySpace choosing the right software is important. There are a lot of community programs out there so be sure you choose the right one for your community. Also, make sure you look over the features that each software will have to offer. Some software will allow video uploads but will be missing other features like forums or message boards.

Trusted Community Software Recommendations

By now you should have a good understanding on what you want in community software. Here are a few recommendations that are trusted, secure and popular.

Social Engine – Social engine is great community software with many awesome features. The only downside is that some features have to be purchased as add-ons. But the good news is that you choose what add-ons you want to purchase and leave out the features you don’t want. e poe tegemine

PhpFox – Is another trusted secure social community software. It has lots of testimonials and you can’t beat the starting price. Prices start at only $99.

BuddyPress – This is another awesome piece of software. I think the best part of this software is the price, it’s 100% FREE. It comes packed with many features the other platforms come with but without the cost. If you plan on starting a community site on a budget then this is the way you will want to go.

Styling Your Website

Assuming you have chosen a community platform, it’s now time to style your website to your specific design. Most of these community sites often include a CSS file for easy editing. If you have the knowhow or experience, then you could style and customize your MySpace style website to your needs. If you don’t know how to style or need someone to do it for you, then hire a company or freelance designer. Freelance designers can often be found online at various websites like or